CYW Marine Submerged Sewage Pump



These series pump are used for plants, residential sewage disposal, urban sewage treatment

plant drainage systems, water plants, hospitals, hotels, municipal engineering, construction sites,

exploration, mining, agricultural irrigation and other industries. Suitable for conveying the sewage

containing solid particles, dirt, and can be used to clean water and corrosive media.

Main Technical Parameter

Series Name CYW
Product Name Marin Submerged Sewage pump
Feature motor-driven uprightness meatussingle-channel impeller centrifugal drainage pump
Model HS-CYW01
Capacity (m3/h) 8-37
Head (m) 7-40
Speed (r/min) 1390/2825/3450
Power (kw) 0.75-7.5
Efficiency (η%) 38.1-58
Application Suitable for transferring sewage, industrial waste water, oily water, fresh water and sea water
Medium tempreture Max.60℃
Certification CCS, BV etc.


CYW Marine Submerged Sewage Pump