Port Light Beacon

Port Light Beacon

Light beacon, one type of aids to navigation, is a fixed luminous navigation mark that used to guide navigation, indicate dangers or obstruction and so on. It is widely used at harbor, river, reefs etc.

Features of Port Light Beacon

1. Corrosion Resistant Material

2. Maintenance Free for A Long Time

3. Convenient Transportation and Simple Installation

4. Equipped with Marine Lanterns and Radar

5. Optional Lightning Protection Equipment

6. Powered by Shore Power UPS, Solar Photovoltaic System, or Wind-photovoltaic Complementary Power Generation

7. Great Wind Resistance Ability: Withstand Wind Speed 50m/s

Specification of Port Light Beacon

1. Beacon Height: 7m (can be customized)

2. Body Diameter: 1m (can be customized)

3. Bottom Diameter: 1.85m (can be customized)

4. Top Platform Diameter: 1.5m (can be customized)

5. Foundation Bolt PCD: 1.7m

6. Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

7. Color: Red, Green, Yellow etc.(all IALA colors for option)

8. Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

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