Life Boat&Rescue Boat

life boat & rescue boat

SOLAS 25 Persons 5m Totally Enclosed Life Boat:

The SOLAS 25 persons 5m totally enclosed life boat is strictly in compliance with the amendments of SOLAS, The hull of lifeboat is made of F. R. P. — Fire retardant. The space between the inside and outside hull is filled with polyurethane Foam which will supply sufficient buoyancy for the boat. The boat will be afloat with the help of the foam even the part of boat underneath the water damaged. The fully loaded boat will be self righted when the boat turn over to any angle. This lifeboat Equipment is used for the life-saving and rescue on the sea. Welcome to contact us on any items you are interested.


1. Type: Life Boat

2. Hull Material: FRP

3. Capacity: 25 persons

4. Speed: More than 6knots

5. Certificate: BV, CCS ABS

6. Export Markets: Global

7. Packing: Standard Package


1. Length: 5.0m

2. Breadth: 2.2m

3. Capacity: 25 Persons

4. Total Height: 3.1m

5. Distance of Hook: 4.7m

6. Boat weight: 2107kg

7. Full Weight: 4170kg

8. Speed: More than 6 knots

life boat 7 rescue boat
SOLAS 25 Persons 5m Totally Enclosed Life Boat-A
SOLAS 25 Persons 5m Totally Enclosed Life Boat-B