Fire Extinguishing Agent

fire extinguishoing agent

Fire Extinguishing Agent

Fire extinguishing is used for fire suppression. Every type of fire extinguishing agent has its application. ABC dry powder is used for ABC class fire, BC dry powder is suitable for BC class fire. High-expansion foams are used when an enclosed space must be quickly filled. AFFF is best for spills of jet fuels, FFFP is better for cases where the burning fuel can form deeper pools. In order to meet various application requirements, we manufactured various kinds of powder fire extinguishing agent and fire fighting foam.

Product detail:

Place of Origin: Chongqing, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Hi-Sea

Type: Fire Extinguishing Agent

Appearance: Light yellow

Viscosity: 8 cps

Shelf life: 8 years

Standard: ISO9001: 2008

Type: ABC dry powder, BC dry powder, Foam,

Fire Extinguishing Agent