Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher

Dry powder Fire extinguisher

A powder based agent Dry powder Fire extinguisher extinguishes the fire by separating the four parts of the fire tetrahedron. It prevents the chemical reactions involving heat, fuel, and oxygen and halts the production of fire sustaining “free-radicals”, thus extinguishing the fire.

Application: Mixed fire risk environments and especially suited for flammable liquids, storage of liquid gases and heating oil. Itβ€˜s Suit for office, home, industry, garages, workshops, etc.

Product detail:

Material: Stainless steel/steel
Standard: CE standard
Size: portable1-12kg, wheeled 25kg, 30kg, 50kg, 70kg

Color: Red or the color you want

Straw: black plastic straw

nozzle : nylon white nozzle
Operating Temperature –30℃ ~60℃

Portable dry powder fire extinguisher


Wheeled dry powder fire extinguisher