GW Series Marine Gearbox


GW series have minimum space requirements. Their high torque transmission capacity covers a speed range form 360 to 1800 rpm depending on size and reduction and a torque power speed (N/n1) capacity form 0.38 up to 46.2 for reduction from 2 up to 6:1.

The design family has 6 different models, four reverse reduction gears and two reduction gears without reversing function-each divided into 11 size. The relative configuration of input and out put shaft is either coaxial or offset, the latter either vertically ,horizontally or diagonally. The modular design affords a variety of advantages including low-cost-manufacture and spare stocking, This versatility derives from a composite design with all its advantages of rationalized production and spare stocking.

This series of gear units have been consistently developed form the proven and well-known GUW series.

Please give information below:engine maker,engine type, engine speed,input speed of the gearbox ,output speed of the gearbox ,rotational direction of the engine(facing flywheel),rotational direction of the propeller (facing flywheel),cooling water temperature,classfifcation society,mode of acceptance,shipyard.