FRP Lifejacket Storage Box

FRP Lifejacket Storage Box

The product is to store the lifejackets. It is made of FRP. It is strong and light in weight. The product can be customized as your requirements. We have different sizes.Our product can be used for a long time. We will provide you the product with high quality and competitive price.


1.Smooth finishing both sides

2.Can be customized

3.Made of FRP

4.OEM manufacturing available

5.Long service life

6.Good Flexibility

7.High quality and competitive price

8.Low maintenance

9.For all types of lifejackets or immersion suits etc.



Name NO. Dimension Capacity:
FRP Lifejacket Storage Box NO.1 500×400×600mm 6 life jackets
NO.2 700×400×750mm 10 life jackets
NO.3 800×600×600mm 12 life jackets or 4 immersion suits
NO.4 1400×600×800mm 30 life jackets
MO.5 1200×600×1400mm

50 life jackets or 30 immersion suits

FRP Lifejacket Storage Box

Picture of FRP LifeJacket Storege Box