CYBW Marine Air Pump



CYBW Series marine air pump is the self lubricating Sliding-vane air pump,which has the features of smaill
size, lighe weight, energy-saving,and clean exhausted air with no oil poilution,etc. It can meet the requirement for marine uses.CYBW series marine air pump is designed specially as the auxiliary equipment for marine sanitary sewage disposal system, it is also applicable to the industries of printing machinery packing, blow molding, and light fittings etc.

Model Explanation

for example CYBW-25

C — Marine

Y — Air pump

B — Sliding-vane

W — Oil-less self-lubricating

25 — Airflow (m3/h)

Main Technical Parameter

Series Name CYBW
Product Name Marine Air Pump
Feature small size, light weight, energy saving


Capacity (m3/h)

Pressure (Mpa)

Motor power (kw)

Inlet pipe diameter


Outlet pipe diameter


CYBW-6 6 60 0.25 1400 16
CYBW-10 10 60 0.37 1400 16
CYBW-15 15 60 0.55 1400 20
CYBW-20 20 60 0.75 1400 20
CYBW-25 25 60 1.1 1400 27
CYBW-40 40 60 1.5 1400 27

Applicable for marine tsanitary sewage disposal syatem, it is also applicable to the industries of printing machinery, packing, blow molding, and light fittings, etc.


CYBW Marine Air Pump