LED Navigation Mark Light


LED Navigation Mark Light

1. Nominal light range reaches 18nautical miles;

2. Light intensity of fixed light reaches 50000cd;

3. When there is built-in GPS synchronization module, it can achieve multi-lamp wireless synchronous flash;

4. When there is built-in GSM/VHF communication module(RTU), it can be used as remote monitoring terminal

Technical Parameters



Working Voltage

12V DC

Daylight Switch


Characteristics of Light


Power Consumption

<900W(when lamp is bright)

Divergence Angle

2.5°(in accordance with IALA standard)

Level Distribution Uniformity


Communication Serial Port


Light Color

Red, Green, White (optional)

Lens Material

Anti UV organic glass

Chassis Material

Marine grade alluminum alloy

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Protection Grade


Cooling Mode

Air cooling

LED Navigation Mark Light

Drawing of LED Navigation Mark Light

Micro Wave Buoy


Micro Wave Buoy

This type of buoy is a professional wave monitoring buoy that used to measure small waves. It is a special wave buoy which adapts to various short cycle and measurable wave height 2cm.

Working Principle

This wave buoy is composed of an accelerometer, a voltage frequency module, a radio etc.. With the wave motion of the wave, the output of the accelerometer is converted into a V/F, whick is transmitted back to the shore station in time.

Differences from common wave buoy

1. This buoy is used to simulate the communication mode, the acceleration of the accelerometer to get the acceleration, through the V/F transform, the voltage to the amount of frequency, and then transmit to the shore station through FM station.

2. After receiving the signal, the shore station experienced the analog signal and the waveform of the reduction of the F/V transform, and entered the A/D conversion of the single chip microcomputer to enter the data sampling program. The main advantage is that the sampling frequency can be very high (32Hz), and the wave of the lake should be sampled with a high sampling frequency.

The shore station receives all the data sent back by the buoy and automatically calculate the characteristic value of wave height in the PC receiving interface and the value displayed on the interface are respectively as follows: average wave height, maximum wave height, 1/10 wave height, 1/3 wave height, average period, the period of the biggest wave, 1/10 period, 1/3 period, wave number.

Specifications of Wave Buoy

1. Measurement parameters range and error:

Wave Height: 0.02~20m, ±10%; laboratory inspection precision ±3%

Wave Period: 1.5—20sec. ±10%; laboratory inspection precision ±0.5

2. Working Features: after power up, beginning the real-time and continuous measurement and transmission

3. Buoy Diameter: 0.5m

4. Material: 304 Stainless Steel with thickness 2.0mm

5. Buoy Weight: 33.5kg

6. Water discharge: 55kg

7. Transission conent: wave acceleration analog voltage signal

8. Communication mode: analog FM conmminication

9. Station Power: 5 watts

10. Transmission Distance: 5km

11. Battery capacity: 8.6ah

12. Voltage: 6v\

13. Continous working hours: 24 hours; (daily charge)

Micro Wave Buoy

Wave Buoy Structure


Wave Monitoring Buoy

Cast Iron Mooring Sinker


Cast Iron Mooring Sinker

Cast iron mooring sinkers are used for offshore platform mooring systems such as mooring buoys or navigation marks, working as balance weight.

Product Description

1. Type: mooring sinker

2. Material: cast iron

3. Shape: oval/customed

4. Size/Weight: customed

5. Certificate: CCS, NK etc.

6. Application: mooring system

7. Surface Treatment: polished/blackened/galvanized/hot-dipped galvanized/painted

Product Range

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Mooring Equipment: Anchor, Anchor Chains, Bollard, Chocks,Fairlead, Towing Hook, Release Hook etc.

Offshore Equipment: Mooring Chains, Mooring Buoys, Navigation Aids (Light Beacon, Lighthouse, Navigation Marks) etc.

Deck Equipment: Marine Capstan, Marine Crane, Marine Winch, Marine Windlass etc.

Marine Quxiliary Machinery: Marine Oil Water Seperator, Marine Sewage Treatment Plant, Marine Generator, Marine Air Compressor, Marine HVAC System, Marine Pressure Water Tank etc.

Marine Hardware: Liftings and Riggings, Container Fittings, Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Flange, Steel Wire and Rope and Industrical Chains etc.

Marine Safety and Life-saving Equipment, Marine Electric Equipment, Marine Pumps and Valves and other types of marine equipment.

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