LED Navigation Mark Light

LED Navigation Mark Light1. Nominal light range reaches 18nautical miles;2. Light intensity of fixed light reaches 50000cd;3. When there is built-in GPS synchronization module, it can achieve multi-lamp wireless synchronous flash;4. When there is built-in GSM/VHF communication module(RTU), it can be used as remote monitoring terminalTechnical ParametersModelHS-L780AWorking Voltage12V DCDaylight

Micro Wave Buoy

Micro Wave BuoyThis type of buoy is a professional wave monitoring buoy that used to measure small waves. It is a special wave buoy which adapts to various short cycle and measurable wave height 2cm.Working PrincipleThis wave buoy is composed of an accelerometer, a voltage frequency module, a radio etc.. With the wave motion of the wave, the output of the accelerometer is converted into a V/F,

Cast Iron Mooring Sinker

Cast Iron Mooring SinkerCast iron mooring sinkers are used for offshore platform mooring systems such as mooring buoys or navigation marks, working as balance weight.Product Description1. Type: mooring sinker2. Material: cast iron3. Shape: oval/customed4. Size/Weight: customed5. Certificate: CCS, NK etc.6. Application: mooring system7. Surface Treatment: polished/blackened/galvanized/hot-dipped