S13 BU(i) Communication Cable

ApplicationOffshore Cables for control,instrumentation and telecommunication. Individual screened pairs/triples.Fire resistant, halogen-free.Construction 1.ConductorCircular tinned stranded copper (0.75)(1.5)or(2.5)mm2 in accordance with IEC 60228.2.InsulationMica glass tape and Ethylene Propylene Rubber(EPR)3.Twisting,individual Color coded cores twisted pairs/triples which are screened by

P15 UX Offshore Wire

ApplicationHalogen free flame retardant single wire,used as earthing wire,bonding wire.Construction 1. ConductorTinned annealed copper,IEC60228 Class 2 or 5.2. InsulationCross-linked Polyethylene(XLPE)3. SheathNon-sheathed Standard Applied 1. DesignNEK606, IEC60092-3762. ConductorIEC60228 Class2 or 53. InsulationIEC60092-3514. Flame RetardantIEC60332-1, IEC60332-3-225. Halogen FreeIEC

P19 RFOU 12/20kV Offshore Cable

ApplicationOffshore Power Cables.Flame Retardant,Low smoke,Halogen free.Construction 1.ConductorCircular tinned stranded copper in accordance with IEC 60228.2.Conductor ScreenSemi conducting material3.InsulationEthylene Propylene Rubber(EPR)or Cross-linked Polyethylene(XLPE).4.Insulation ScreenSemi conducting material and tinned copper wire braid. 5.CablingCores are laid up together and then