75KW/100HP Marine Tunnel Thruster

75KW/100HP Marine Tunnel ThrusterMarine tunnel thruster is installed transversely in the bow of a vessel. It primarily used for docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed. According to the propeller type, tunnel thrusters are fallen into CPP tunnel thrusters and FPP tunnel thrusters. This one is the FPP type with 75KW/100HP. It is driven

Azimuth Thruster With Tube

 Azimuth Thruster with TubeAzimuth thruster with tube is a kind of Z-type propulsion equipment combined with ducted propeller and steering gear function. The part under water can steer by 360 degree free rotating forming all-directional propulsive force. The device combines the highly efficiency of tube propellers and flexibility of azimuth thruster. It is mainly used for various engineering

Single Arm Electric Slewing Liferaft Davit

 Product DescriptionThe single arm electric slewing davit consists of a davit arm,column and electric rescue boat winch.It is mainly used for lifting and lowering varieties of rafts.The davit with electric lifting and electric rotary mechanism has the function of making the davit slew from left to right or from right to left.It has two types,21KN and 25KN.Technical ParameterS.W.L(KN)Hoisting
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