Port Light Beacon

Port Light BeaconLight beacon, one type of aids to navigation, is a fixed luminous navigation mark that used to guide navigation, indicate dangers or obstruction and so on. It is widely used at harbor, river, reefs etc.Features of Port Light Beacon1. Corrosion Resistant Material2. Maintenance Free for A Long Time3. Convenient Transportation and Simple Installation4. Equipped with Marine Lanterns

Marine Fire Damper

Introduction :Marine fire damper are designed, produced and tested in accordance with CB/T3557-1995 standard. It is fulfills the requirement of SOLAS(1974) and amendments, it has passed the IMO-Resolution A.745(18) in accordance with “A”, “B”and “E” class fire test procedures code. Attachment All fire damper fire resistance test (A0, A15, A30, A60) at CSSC marine auxiliary machinery

Marine Ventilator

Introduction :RNF Marine Electric Fan Heater is beautiful appearance, generous, good heat dissipation effect and service life is long, one year warranty, the step control of high power.Performance Parameter : ModelRated Voltage (v)Rated Power (Kw)Weight (kg)RNF-2110-220v1~216RNF-3220V/380V/440V3~624Structure :Photo :Our Certification