Marine Shackle



Marine Shackle

Marine shackles are different from the shapes, sizes. Each has its special functions and joining form. For example, Kenter shackles are used to connect the stud links of anchor chain; while joining shackles are used to connect the studless links.

Process of Manufacture: Marine shackles are produced through forging, heat treatment and machining,galvanization.

Standard: Marine shackle is made according to the international standard and the standard of Classification Societies.

Grade: U1,U2,U3,R3,R4

Material: Most of the anchor chain accessories are made from forged steel.

Product List:

1. Joining Shackle

2. End Shackle

3. Kenter Shackle

4. Anchor Swivel Shackle(A&B)

5. Buoy Shackle (A&B)

6. Forelock Shackle

7. Pear Shaped Shackle

8. Slim Kenter Shackle

9. Swivel

10. Swivel Group

11. Triangle Plate

12. Round Link

13. Pear Shaped Link

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Marine Shackle

Kenter Shackle

Marine Shackle

Anchor Swivel Shackle

Marine Shackle

Buoy Shackle

Marine Shackle