CYBW Marine Air Pump

Applications:CYBW Series marine air pump is the self lubricating Sliding-vane air pump,which has the features of smaill size, lighe weight, energy-saving,and clean exhausted air with no oil poilution,etc. It can meet the requirement for marine uses.CYBW series marine air pump is designed specially as the auxiliary equipment for marine sanitary sewage disposal system, it is also applicable to the

CYW Marine Submerged Sewage Pump

Application:These series pump are used for plants, residential sewage disposal, urban sewage treatmentplant drainage systems, water plants, hospitals, hotels, municipal engineering, construction sites,exploration, mining, agricultural irrigation and other industries. Suitable for conveying the sewagecontaining solid particles, dirt, and can be used to clean water and corrosive media.Main

3GR Marine Screw Pump

Applications:It applies to deliver clean and non-corrosive medium which has lubricating troperty at temperature beow ≤150°C,with the viscosity of 5-760cSt,The pump's working pressure range from 0.6MPa to 2.5MPa and flow capacity range from 0.6-123m3/h.◆ Feature1. Medium is delivered in axial direction continuously without agitation and pulsation. 2. Small vibration and low noise 3. High