Marine Ice Cream Maker

Marine Ice Cream MakerMarine Ice Cream Maker is a popular kitchen device. The marine ice cream maker employs a high-efficient compressor. It uses environment-friendly refrigerant. Its exterior and the parts which directly touch the food are made of stainless steel. It is with adjustable feet which make installation easy. The marine ice cream maker is easy to operate and clean, besides, it is

Marine Electromagnetic Range

Marine Electromagnetic RangeMarine Electromagnetic Range is a sort of marine cooking device. The marine electromagnetic range is complete stainless steel construction. It employs micro-crystal panel imported from Germany, which has a long service life. Besides, it equips a sealed chassis of imported electrical component. It has an adjustable five-speed power control switch and a digital display.

Marine Hood Type Dishwasher

Marine Hood Type DishwasherMarine Hood Type Dishwasher is professional equipment used to rinse dishes. It is suitable for small, medium and large vessel. It has reasonable construction which makes it possible to rinse dishes with different sizes and shapes. It equips a strong water pump which is able to wash soiled dishes well. The hood type dishwasher is fully automatic. The washing time is