Diesel Turbine Flow Meter

Diesel Turbine Flow Meter

1. Brief Introduction:

Diesel turbine flow meter is a kind of liquid flow meter, it is often used to measure the volume flow-rate and volume flow of low-viscosity fluid(gas or liquid) in closed pipeline and widely used in industries like oil, chemical, metal, aviation, scientific research, etc.

2. Specification:

Accuracy: ±1.5%,±1%,±0.5%,±0.2%
Fluid temperature:-20~+120(gas),-30~+80(liquid)
Ambient:Temperature: -20~+55;Relative temperature: 5%~95%;Pressure: 86~106 KPa
Power source:8~24V.DC, 3.2V 10AH lithium battery
Signal output: Pulse output(+12~+24VDC power supply, three-wire system);Pulse output (+24V DC power supply, two-wire system);4~20mA DC analog flow signal output

Explosion-proof grade: dBT4, ibCT4
Available form:Compact type, Remote type, Inserted type, Bidirectional type
Shell material:Stainless Steel/ Carbon Steel

With HART or Not

3. Model Selection:

Nominal Diameter 4-500 mm
Nominal Pressure 1.6 -16 Mpa
Connection Flange connection, Pipe thread connection

4. Diesel Turbine Flow Meter Packing: