Integrated Bridge System

Integrated Bridge SystemIntegrated bridge system can realize the implementation of ship navigation and control. Through interconnection, it can centrally use the sensor information, command or control from the workstation to improve the safety and efficiency in the management of operating personnel. IBS is not only has electric chart, navigation and positioning, automatic steering function, and

Marine Power

LifeBoat Maintenance-Free Marine Battery ApplicationMainly for the internal-combustion engine start-up,ignition and lighting on watercraft and flat roof on the sea,battery series for watercraft,vessel.LifeBoat Maintenance-Free Marine Battery Features1. Excellent safety performance: No electrolyte leakage, battery swelling and cracking under normal use. 2. Good discharging performance: With smooth

Marine Wipers

Marine WiperIt is used in the vessels. There are many kinds of marine wipers. Some are straight line type marine wiper, some are fan-shaped movement marine wiper and some are clear view screen. But almost all of them are provided power by the motors. They are installed in the windows of the vessels. It will clean the water, rain, snow or dust in the windows, to keep the windows clean and to