Gravity Inverted Arm Type Davit

Product DescriptionThe Gravity Inverted Arm Type Davit is a (rolling) type davit and it lowers the boat on the water by the help of its own weight (gravity davit).The davit is designed for boarding the boat in stowed position. The boat may be lowered without stopping as turning out and lowering is a continuous movement at a minimum of time-spending. The device is traditionally the most usually

Free Fall Lifeboat Davit

Product DescriptionThe Free Fall Lifeboat Davit is a special equipment for lowering free-fall life boat; In an emergency condition, the life boat can be launched into the water fast.And it conforms to the requirement of the amendments to SOLAS 1996----MSC.47(66) , International LSA Code MSC.48(66),IMO Resolution MSC81(70) and MSC.216(82), MSC.218(82) and MSC.226(82).More details:The Freefall

80kN Electric Vertical Mooring Capstan

80kN Electric vertical mooring capstan:This series anchor capstan complies with the rules for the construction and classfication of sea-going ships(CCS) and the Yangize River's ships. And it is made by Hi-Sea Marine in China, suitable for using in ships on inland river or coastal water. This series anchor capstan has a reature of small in area on the deck.Main technical specification:Warping