Life-saving Immersion Suit


Survival suit:

This survival suit is suitable for shipping, offshore platform, oil and other sea projects. Comply with the Amendment 1996 International Convention for Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS 74/96) and the MSC-8UP International life saving Appliance Code (LSA). This suit can provide over 140N of buoyancy enables the suit to be worn without a life jacket; an attached buoyancy pillow supports the wearer when floating face up. The suit also provides thermal protection preventing a typical wearer’s core body temperature from dropping by more than 2ºC after six hours in calm water of 0-2ºC. Welcome to contact us on this survival suit.


1. Type: Immersion suit

2. Material: HDPE

3. Validity: 2 Years

4. Export Markets: Global

5. Packing: Carton

6. Certification: EC and CCS


1. Wearing time: <2mins.

2. Floating force performance: The wearer can turn over within 5S, so that his face is toward up and the nose and mouth is 120mm above the water level, after the wearer soaks in water for 24hours, the floating force loss of suit is less than 5%.

3. Thermo-insulated performance: After the wearer soaks in stationary water o f 0-2 for 6hours, the drop of the body-temperature is less than 2ºC.

4. Waterproof performance: The water-permeability amount is less than 200g, after the wearer has floated on water for 1 hour.

5. Packing: Paper Box Dimension 53*34*34cm, N. W/G. W: 4.9KG/6.1KG.