FRP Lifejacket Storage Box

FRP Lifejacket Storage BoxThe product is to store the lifejackets. It is made of FRP. It is strong and light in weight. The product can be customized as your requirements. We have different sizes.Our product can be used for a long time. We will provide you the product with high quality and competitive price.Features:1.Smooth finishing both sides2.Can be customized3.Made of FRP4.OEM manufacturing

Attack Hose

Attack Hose Attack Hose is usually the PU lined fire hose used for fire prevention by fire brigade, assembled with fire engine. Also it’s often used for indoor fire prevention system in upscale place and developed countries.Characters of PU Lining:PU Lining hose has outstanding high pressure proof, oil resistance, anti-corrosion and low temperature proof, etc. Moreover, it can be used for

Fire Extinguishing Agent

Fire Extinguishing AgentFire extinguishing is used for fire suppression. Every type of fire extinguishing agent has its application. ABC dry powder is used for ABC class fire, BC dry powder is suitable for BC class fire. High-expansion foams are used when an enclosed space must be quickly filled. AFFF is best for spills of jet fuels, FFFP is better for cases where the burning fuel can form deeper