Polyurea Foam Filled Mooring Buoy


Polyurea Foam Filled Mooring Buoy
Polyurea mooring buoy is mainly used for ship’s anchorage mooring. It can be also used for other water engineering.

Composite Materials:

Polyurea elastomer material, PE high elastic foam, steel and other composite materials. The buoy body has good elasticity.

Features of Polyurea Foam Filled Buoy
1. Newly Designed Mooring Equipment for Ships
2. Good Impact Resistance
3. Light Weight
4. Large Buoyancy
5. Good Corrosion Resistance
6. Bright and Stable Color
7. Convenience for Laying and Recycling
8. Excellent Anti-extrustion Capability
9. Convenient Operation, Reduce Installation and Maintenance Costs

Specification of 3.6m Polyurea Mooring Buoy
1. Body Diameter: 3600mm
2. Total Height: 1700mm
3. Hawsehole Diameter: 480mm
4. Freeboard: 1000mm
5.Reserve Buoyancy: 10000kg