P19 RFOU 12/20kV Offshore Cable


Offshore Power Cables.Flame Retardant,Low smoke,Halogen free.

1.Conductor Circular tinned stranded copper in accordance with IEC 60228.
2.Conductor Screen Semi conducting material
3.Insulation Ethylene Propylene Rubber(EPR)or Cross-linked Polyethylene(XLPE).
4.Insulation Screen Semi conducting material and tinned copper wire braid.
5.Cabling Cores are laid up together and then wrapped by polyester tape
6.Inner covering Halogen-free compound
7.Braid armour Tinned copper wire braid in accordance with IEC 60092-350.
8.Outer sheath Halogen-free thermoset compound in accordance with type SHF2(RED)


1. Design NEK606 IEC60092-354.
2. Conductor IEC60228 Class2
3. Insulation IEC60092-351
4. Sheath IEC60092-359
5. Flame Retardant IEC60332-1 IEC60332-3-22
6. Halogen Free IEC 60754
7. Low Smoke IEC 61034