LED Navigation Mark Light

LED Navigation Mark Light

1. Nominal light range reaches 18nautical miles;

2. Light intensity of fixed light reaches 50000cd;

3. When there is built-in GPS synchronization module, it can achieve multi-lamp wireless synchronous flash;

4. When there is built-in GSM/VHF communication module(RTU), it can be used as remote monitoring terminal

Technical Parameters



Working Voltage

12V DC

Daylight Switch


Characteristics of Light


Power Consumption

<900W(when lamp is bright)

Divergence Angle

2.5°(in accordance with IALA standard)

Level Distribution Uniformity


Communication Serial Port


Light Color

Red, Green, White (optional)

Lens Material

Anti UV organic glass

Chassis Material

Marine grade alluminum alloy

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Protection Grade


Cooling Mode

Air cooling

LED Navigation Mark Light

Drawing of LED Navigation Mark Light

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