Integrated Bridge System

instegreted bridge system

Integrated Bridge System

Integrated bridge system can realize the implementation of ship navigation and control. Through interconnection, it can centrally use the sensor information, command or control from the workstation to improve the safety and efficiency in the management of operating personnel. IBS is not only has electric chart, navigation and positioning, automatic steering function, and can also realize automatic collision avoidance, main engine remote control and aotumatic alarm function, which truly achieve automatic navigation. It has become the core of ship automation equipment and is used widely.

Our intergrated bridge system conforms to the international maritime organization standards and specifications. It’s the ship navigation information intergrated management system whose function and performance reach the international advanced level.

Product Features:

1. Adopts the network architecture and multitask real-time interaction mechanism.

2. Every single console realize the synchronous dynamic backup of electronic chart, radar navigation and control information display system.

3. Support three or more types of data format of electronic chart.

4. Trajectory tracking precision is not more than 100 meters.

5. According to different navigation environment, it can provide three different display mode: daytime, dusk and night.

Integrated Bridge System
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