Free Fall Lifeboat Davit

Product DescriptionThe Free Fall Lifeboat Davit is a special equipment for lowering free-fall life boat; In an emergency condition, the life boat can be launched into the water fast.And it conforms to the requirement of the amendments to SOLAS 1996----MSC.47(66) , International LSA Code MSC.48(66),IMO Resolution MSC81(70) and MSC.216(82), MSC.218(82) and MSC.226(82).More details:The Freefall

80kN Electric Vertical Mooring Capstan

80kN Electric vertical mooring capstan:This series anchor capstan complies with the rules for the construction and classfication of sea-going ships(CCS) and the Yangize River's ships. And it is made by Hi-Sea Marine in China, suitable for using in ships on inland river or coastal water. This series anchor capstan has a reature of small in area on the deck.Main technical specification:Warping

Yacht Crane

Main Techical SpecificationMain Technical DataLife SavingWorking Load14kN23kN21kN25kNLifting load14kN18kN14kN25kNSlewing Load14kN14kN14kN25kNHoisting Speed18m/nim18m/min18m/min18m/minLowering Speed48m/min48m/min48m/min53m/minCargo LiftingHoisting Load14kN18kN15kN20kNSlewing Load14kN18kN15kN20kNLifting Speed12m/min12m/min12m/min12m/minSlewing AnglePump
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